GSA OASIS Pool 1 Award Winner

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to be a member of the OASIS Small Business Family.

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) announced it has awarded 125 contracts to small businesses for its One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services (OASIS) Small Business (SB) contract to companies that will provide customers with best value services for complex professional service requirements.

OASIS SB, a 100-percent small business set-aside contract, was developed in response to the government’s substantial need for a hybrid, government-wide acquisition vehicle.  OASIS SB will provide a streamlined solution for both commercial and non-commercial needs. OASIS SB is designed to reduce duplication of contracting efforts across the government and provide federal agencies with comprehensive, integrated professional services contract options.

The contract calls for T3W to provide services in Pool 1 which includes Engineering Services, Geophysical Surveying and Mapping Services, Testing Laboratories, Consulting Services, Process Consulting Services and Environmental Consulting Services.  T3W was 1 of only 2 San Diego companies to receive an award and the only organization from San Diego in Pool 1.


  Enterprise Solutions

 • Performing system assessments
  • Designing, implementing, integrating and
    maintaining ESRI hardware and software for
     enterprise GIS programs
     • Integrating legacy data and applications and
       developing new applications
       • Business process analysis and improvement
        • Policy and user guide development
         • Training: program/community outreach
          • and more...
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Data and Quality
 Assurance Services

  We understand that quality
   is essential to the health of our
    client's organization. We are
     focused on delivering services
      that meet the highest
       standards of quality.
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Facilities Data

  T3W collects, validates, and stand-
   ardizes data to create quality geo-
    enabled products ranging from
     base maps, utilities maps, busi-
      ness line features, web-based
       applications to customized
        training and plans with desk-
         op tools to accelerate the
          learning curve.
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  T3W provides support in
   environmental restoration
    and compliance. And delivers
     quality health and safety
      services to businesses
       cost effectively.
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 Charting Solutions

  Our approach enables clients to
   achieve maximum quality with their
    data and program by assisting with
     implementation strategies,
      configuration and consultative
       training so that they may ensure
        successful integration with their
         existing processes.
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Space / Assets:
 Planning, Allocation
  and Optimization

  T3W shows the client how to best
   optimize their use of space and
    assets -- whether that be facilities
     and personnel,land, or equipment.
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